Cronosport is an advanced chronograph for Symbian smartphones. It is intended to use during racing or sporting events, where you need to take times of several runners, whose start time has been spanned in a timeframe. Let''s see some example: rally. Rally cars can''t run on the same special stage at the same time. Dozens of cars leave the starting line at time intervals of one or two minutes. This small delay lets them run the same road, minimizing the risk to take over the next car on the stage. Cronosport lets you keep sorted all the times of the running crews, wherever you are on the stage. You just need to click a button on your smartphone everytime a crew crosses a waypoint. Cronosport updates the stage time classification on your screen immediately!

Cronosport has been packed with tons of features:

  • edit the starting list
  • add, remove, modify any entry in the start list
  • move after or before any entry position in the list
  • delay any selection of runners in the start list
  • assign different time intervals on any selection of the start list
  • reverse any selection of the start list
  • change the start time of the first crew
  • catch more times of the same runner, in the case of race course with more laps
  • load and save start list and classification
  • smart creation of runner names and numbers
  • keyboard usage to get times without using the pointer - Tenuti Marco - via Pozzo, 46 GREZZANA (VR) - Tel.045-551149 - - VAT IT02876210234

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