Briscola 1.3 is a card game for Macintosh and PowerMacintosh. This game is well known in Italy as briscola, but is known as atout for French people and as trump for English ones.
The briscola is the suit of the card which lies below the pack. Sometimes somebody considers briscola that card. Any card whose suit is briscola, should be kept jealously to get as more as opponent's points.The aim is to get more than 60 points, half of 120 available points. You have to face your opponent 20 times.
Your cards are shown at the bottom of the window, the upper cards belong to your Mac. If you play a card, you have to drag it at the middle of the window and when you pick up from the pack, you have to drag the upper card of the pack to your card area.
These priorities establish who wins the set: the card has the same suit of briscola, the value of the card and the card which has been played first.
These are the card values: Ace is worth 11 points, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 aren't worth anything, 3 is worth 10 points, Jack is worth 2 points, Queen is worth 3 points, King is worth 4 points. When a player wins a hand, he/she leads the next hand. When the pack cards are finished up, the last player has to pick up the briscola card which lay below the pack. Then the opponents complete the match without picking up.
Since version 1.3, you may play a single game or a complete match, which means that you have to win 4 games: this feature has been reserved only for registered users.

Shareware notes

Briscola 1.3 is shareware; it is NOT free. If you like Briscola and play it, you should pay the $5 small registration fee. An unregistered copy of Briscola hasn't special restrictions, so that hackers have spare time to crack a lot of other software. When Kagi receives your registration, we'll send you the code to avoid the default dialog at start.


How to register Briscola

You may use the Register application and Kagi registers Briscola for you. Kagi Shareware System accepts any other payment method (cash, checks, invoices, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, NetCash, First Virtual).
In addition to cash in various currencies and US dollar checks drawn on US banks, Kagi Shareware also accepts credit card registrations by mail, fax, or email (your card number is scrambled). For organizations, they handle invoices and site licenses, too. For more information, you could run the enclosed „Register¾ program. It'll create a customized registration form and tells you where to send it.
We make updates available on Mac software archive sites and on a lot of CD-ROM shareware collections. Once you register, you remain registered for some future shareware versions of Briscola. If you register Briscola 1.2, we guarantee you receive every next revision of Briscola up to a next major release.
Briscola may be distributed freely so long as it is accompanied by its Readme files and other original stuff and that none of these items have been modified.


CD-ROM shareware collections

If you intend to include Briscola into a new shareware CD-ROM collection, you should contact us by email and ask for our authorization. Anyway any Internet site, that receives Briscola directly from the author, could distribute and promote Briscola on CD-ROMs too.You may distribute Briscola for free, without modifying any file or read me you got. You should ask for our authorization also if you have already obtained it in the past.

Briscola 1.3 requirements

Minimum requirements:

- System 7.0.
- RAM: 1500 KB available for Briscola.
- Color QuickDraw.
- any processor, 680x0 or PowerPC.


Briscola was tested on...

Macintosh System version CPU problems
8500/120 7.5.5 1.3 PPC604  
7500/100 7.5.5 1.3 PPC601  
LCIII 7.5.5 1.3 68030  
Performa 6200 7.5.5 1.2 PPC603  
IIfx 7.1 1.2 68030  


Revision history

Release 1.3 (Mar 29th 97):

- matches added for registered users.
- match statistics added.
- statistic percentages added for registered users.
- French language added.
- Piacentin cards added.
- fast click option added.
- recompiled with Metrowerks Codewarrior 11.

Release 1.2 (Jan 4th 97):

- bug removed while opening the preferences file.
- PICT resources reduced to 16 bit.
- some code added to support Roman languages.
- added Italian menus, dialogs, texts.
- better poker pictures for aces, jacks, queens and kings. I changed these symbols to PICTs, because in Briscola 1.0 and 1.1 I used bitmap system fonts and they were badly rendered if you have Espi Sans as system font, as Aaron or Kaleidoscope set at startup.
- even with Trevisan cards the winning ones are inverted now.
- background and font even changed at the end of the game.
- the pack on the table is "deep", so that you can guess how many cards remain in it.
- sounds are now asynchronous.
- some minor bugs removed.

Release 1.1 (Dec 1st 96):

- card's background color and pattern changed.
- table background changed.
- better card corners.
- ancient white cards.
- added Trevisan cards.
- bigger cards.
- hand cursor while dragging cards.
- recompiled with Metrowerks Codewarrior 10.

Release 1.0 (21 Aug 96):

- first release. - Tenuti Marco - via Pozzo, 46 GREZZANA (VR) - Tel.045-551149 - - VAT IT02876210234

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