What's Gamestocker?

Gamestocker is an application for any soccer lover, who aim to store all the valuable data about matches of one or more championships. Even more: thanks to an innovative method, it is able to build up a forecast, from the current standings and the archive results.
Gamestocker is an application that run on any PowerMacintosh. It runs on MacOS 9 or MacOS X both, but even on MacOS 8.1 or newer, though it needs the CarbonLib dynamic library in the System folder.

Which tournaments could you load in?

Gamestocker, at its very first release 1.0, suits nicely for the insertion and storage of days or regular championships, championships which are deployed with two series of games, first and second halves of the season, which let each team to play versus any other team. You may insert the days of the Italian championship Serie A, Serie B and so on, but also the matches of the days of any other national soccer championship, like the English Premiership or the German Bundesliga.
We are developing in next releases to handle also tournament with different run, with eliminatory series or direct exclusion tree, in a somewhat manner of the Champions League or the European or World Championships.

How to use Gamestocker?

Gamestocker is a shareware software, it is not free. Nevertheless you have 30 (thirty) days to evaluate and appreciate our software. After the trial period, if you keep on using Gamestocker, you should really think of registering it, through the payment of the shareware fee.

How to register my license of Gamestocker?

You may pay 20 Euro/20 US$ your Gamestocker license by Kagi website. The Kagi website accepts the most used payment ways (banknotes, checks, credit cards). The most versatile way we strongly suggest is the payment with credit card through the website, because it is completely secure from fraudolent use and fastest to get the registration code.
Kagi, however, receives also banknotes of the most common world currencies and also US checks which are payable in US banks.
As alternative option, you may directly to the author if you prefer it: you could pay with a regular money order of 20 Euro to our address - shown below - or send us a letter envelope with the banknotes inside, after you have clearly verified that anybody could not see the content.

System Requirements

Minimum requirements for Gamestocker are here:

  • MacOS 8.1 or newer
  • CarbonLib 1.0.4 or newer extension (only for MacOS 8)
  • PowerPC processor


Suggested Requirements:

  • MacOS 9 or MacOS X 10.2
  • PowerPC G3 processor


Version History

Version 1.0.1 (Feb 8th 2004):

minor issues fixed

Version 1.0 (Feb 2th 2004):

first official release

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